Sunday, January 2, 2011

I N _ T H E _ S T U D I O

Here's a peak into my home life. I've recently been spending quite a lot of time in my studio, attempting to get a jump start on my senior project this upcoming semester. After cleaning out our incredibly crowded loft, I've made lots space for myself. You can also see that I like to surround myself with art that I've collected over the years, and lots of books that inspire me.

Recently I've been looking very closely at Craig Thompson, especially his book Blankets.

And if you're looking closely, you've noticed that I've been working on tracing paper a lot. I plan on having my upcoming book be comprised of screen prints, rather than traditional pencil and ink drawings. So I use the tracing paper to make the preliminary drawings for the screen prints, which are then transfered to screens later. To make sure the screens come out cleanly, I use a variety of different sized paint markers, as well as an india ink brush pen, which I find gives a nice combination of clean and decisive lines, while still retaining a looseness in the drawings thanks to the brush. And as for erasing, I use an X-Acto blade to cut out pieces of the drawing that aren't working, and then tape over a fresh piece of tracing paper to fix it.

There are some images of my upcoming, so far untitled, book seen down below. I currently have 6 pages completed for the book, and will have more detailed photos of the book coming soon.