Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S O M E _ P R I N T M A K I N G

Hi folks. Here's a scan of a sketch for my latest print. I'm going to be making this into a 3 color print at 12x24. The man's name is Peter [bonus points to anyone who can figure out the reference].

I had done one about two weeks ago of a man named Alan (that will be up whenever I can get the time to scan or photograph it). This one is going to be the second in the series, where I do some research on these haggard men and make prints of them, out of at least four, maybe more. Well see.

R A A B _ P R I Z E - - F I N A L _ L A Y O U T

Hey folks. Here's my final layout for the RAAB prize. I have a copy with the words in the layout, but I'm afraid of copyright problems. So just find the poem (I think I told you guys what it was and who wrote it earlier.....Nope? I didn't?......oh, ok...well it's "Bug Games" by Jane Yolen), and just read it while looking at this, imagining it on the left of the page.