Saturday, August 29, 2009

B A C K _ I N T O _ T H E _ S W I N G _ O F _ T H I N G S

Well, let's see....

Finished my job at Marvel. Sad.

BUT! I left on a good note. Exchanged many emails with artists and editors. Made many new friends. And they'd definitely hire me back next summer. Happy!

And, now that summer is over, that means that school is about to begin. Can say I'm terribly excited. That's not to say I'm not, it's just an odd excited. I am excited for most of my classes individually. But, I'm not excited to have to balance myself between them all, with work, and with my independent projects on top of that.

A tad far from Marissa. Sad. BUT! we're back within walking distance of each other and have two classes together! Happy!

Now when I say "independent projects", I mean the comic I'm co-writing, and solo-illustrating. I'm not going to give too much away. But, with any luck I can have it up and going within the next two months. I've created a character and basic story that I think is pretty good. And I'm partnering with the fantastically talented Daniel Janavey, who is writing the script probably as we speak. So, essentially, I'll be co-creating this creator owned project, and then funding its production myself. Just making comics hopefully on a monthly basis. Leaving piles in dorm buildings, sending out a few to choice friends, family and companies (maybe?), and just letting myself be known. I'm also going to try to get it up online (well see how that goes).

That's it for now kids. Until next time!


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