Saturday, July 11, 2009

U P _ T O _ D A T E

Hello all. It's been quite awhile. Been working practically 24/7, so haven't had much time to talk. Not to mention that I can't talk about work, except that I'm just happy to be there all the time, because of my non-disclosure agreement. Which I'm alright with. Let's just say that I'm starting to impress people, and I'm getting a lot more responsibility day by day.

By that same token, I'll be glad to get to go on vacation after next week. I'll be spending two whole weeks out in California. First week I'll be at the glorious and overwhelming ComicCon, and then the second week is touristy things. But, the best part of it all is spending time with Marissa. I haven't seen her in a very long time, so I'm really just looking forward to just...well...just seeing her, I suppose. I really don't know how to describe it, but, I know at least one person reading this will get what I mean. I hope she doesn't have to work much while I'm there.

In other news. I planned a scavenger hunt with me and about 15 other friends for today. I had the whole day cleared, so I thought things would be great. Turns out I was wrong. Keith was the only one who showed. Even with a month of warning, people can't get their shit together and request one simply day off from work. So the whole day was a bust. Poop.

I've also been thinking about getting a twitter account, just for social networking. But, I'm just don't see the point, really.

I like shirt pockets.



...I'm afraid of getting lost at the airport?...

OH! I got a web site. Check it out at the top of the page, or right HERE. Still building it. But, there's a beta welcome site up. Haven't had much time to build it up to its full potential, but I'm hoping to have it done and ready by the end of the summer. Also, I'm starting up my art again. I haven't done a lot since I've been home, what with working two jobs, so I've been slacking. I have all of these ideas [mostly depressing], but I think that visually they're really good. Just have to actually execute them. And I'm starting the scripting process on my comic. I've finally settled on an idea, now I just need to get the full story together in my head. It's hard. Very hard. I think I might also make short comics about some of the plays I've written.

It's been a long summer.


  1. i giggled at the fear of airports bit.

  2. Adam... GET A F*CKING TWITTER!!! I NEED TO HEAR MORE OF YOUR LOVE OF SHIRT POCKETS!!! Haha! Glad to see you're still alive and kicking dude! And now I shall be the creeper who stalks your blog...have fun with that... :D