Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A R T : T H E - L O N G - H A U L . . . [continued]

So here is my final project for figure drawing 2, with Patrick Hammie. My crit went really well; Patrick liked all of it, no complaints, so all is good.

The assignment was to draw in the style of two artist. The first two are in the style of John Paul Leon, and the last three are in the style of Alex Kanevsky.

The best part about the crit was when Patrick told me I should think about submitting these works to open galleries to get me name out. I told him I was thinking about becoming a fine artist in addition to my goal of being a comic book artist, and he said that [and I'm ad-libbing here] given my talent and commitment, that pieces could command a huge presence in an open gallery show, making sure that people remember my name.

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