Wednesday, May 6, 2009

M A R V E L _ F * I N G _ C O M I C S

That's right kids! I said it. MARVEL F*ING COMICS. The mecca of comic book production companies. And soon. I will become a part of its woodwork. Hopefully.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's right folks. I, Adam Del Re, have an interview with MARVEL COMICS this Monday, May 11th of the year 2009, at 10 in the am! I'm so excited that my head almost exploded. This is a huge step for me in the right direction, so hopefully all goes week and this becomes the start of a band new day of brand new art making in a brand new world!

So, now I must prepare with mock interviews with my dad and a whole lot of other paper work that needs to be done. But, with any luck, I'll be working in the big leagues this summer.



  1. siiiick!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all goes well and you share your results with the universe. please.